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"We are the mark of trust & integrity in

the Canadian Direct Selling Industry."

Ken Mulhall, President

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"Build consumer trust."

"Gain from shared knewledge."

"Offer rewards to your people."

Become a DSA member today.

Helena Alexandre, Chair

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Our mission is to promote, serve and protect the interests of our member
companies and independent direct sellers marketing their products,
and ensure the highest level of business ethics and service to consumers.

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Our vision is to be universally recognized as the mark of
trust & integrity in the Canadian direct selling industry.

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Discounts on everything from tickets and dining
to shoes and travel. Over 1200 discounts for
brand name stores, local shops and attractions
nationwide from coast to coast.


Since 1954 the Direct Sellers Association of Canada has established and upheld rigorous standards, ethics and good business practices as the recognized voice of our industry. We are a family of competitors using our combined strength to ensure fairness in regulations and gain credibility & respect within government. As an industry that connects more than 900,000 Canadians to entrepreneurial opportunity and enrichment, we provide assurance of member company integrity and a foundation of trust for independent sales contractors (ISCs) and consumers.

For a Direct Selling Company looking to expand, Canada offers the ideal market: a stable economy, positive consumer acceptance of channel, entrenched direct selling market and a strong well-established DSA.








This experience has given me a new found confidence.  I absolutely love the products that the company has to offer and I feel they are really trying to make a positive difference in the everyday lives of people. The company has also helped me along the way with wonderful training opportunities to better my skills as a consultant.Kaley Brown
I have really enjoyed and hope to continue growing my direct selling business as there are so many great women involved and it truly is an honour to say that I am a part of their team.Kaitlin Lake
Working for a direct selling company has allowed my mom to be home with me and my siblings. Since she was working non-traditional hours, I was able to participate in many after school activities as school budget cuts had eliminated late buses. I was able to see value of hard work as I watched my mom build a business in direct sales from the ground up. Through the experiences and connections my mom has made, I have been fortunate enough to participate in many personal development activities.Kelly Owen
My mother’s involvement in direct selling allowed me to grow and develop in a family environment where ambition and determination were encouraged daily. My mother’s work as a direct sales consultant also made me aware of how fortunate it is to be your own boss. I realized that the autonomy and the personal and professional fulfillment derived from working in independent sales are great advantages.Marisabelle Plante