Because industry integrity is the cornerstone of the DSA, it upholds codes of ethics and business practices as pledges for companies and independents to follow in product sales, consumer care, and recruitment and sales force relations. Each member company must rededicate annually to these provisions, so rest assured, any salespeople of DSA member companies have committed to among other assurances as are also outlined under Reputable Firms)

    tell you who they are and what they're selling; call at times that suit you, and respect your right to end a call; and
    give truthful information on the price, quality, performance, quantity, and availability of their products or services.

There are 50 article codes in all, grouped to address target member sectors. Here, you'll see the Code of Ethics covers Articles 1-28, Business Practices cover Articles 1-17, and there's a Code Enforcement/Complaint Procedure section (A-E).

Code of Ethics
Articles 1-10  for DSA Member Responsibilities Accuracy, Price/Credit Terms, Cooling Off, Guarantees, After Sales Service, Identity of the Seller, Clarity, Safety, Complaints
Articles 11-13 for DSA Member Company Independent Sales Contractors (ISCs) Responsibilities Presentation of the Offer, Information
Articles 14-17 for Independent Sales Contractors (ISCs)  Operations Respect of Privacy, Honesty & Fairness, Veracity
Articles 18-28 for Active DSA Members and ISCs Joint Responsibilities Testimonials & Endorsements, Comparisons & Fair Competition, Referral Selling, Delivery, Responsibility for Code Observance

[Download the entire code of ethics document] (PDF)

Business Practices
Articles 1-8 for Independent Sales Contractors (ISCs). General, Recruiting, Education, False or Misleading Statements, Disparaging Claims
Articles 9-17 for Active DSA Obligations to Members, Salespersons, Sales Policies, and Salesperson Relations Active DSA Obligations, Recruiting, Education, Observance, General Responsibilities

Code Enforcement / Complaints Procedure
A) Interpretation & Execution; B) Code Administrator; C) Procedure; D) Extra-Territoriality; E) Amendments.