When it comes to direct sales, consumers are looking for a quality product or service, a fair price, and a guarantee they can trust.

So, how can you identify businesses that embrace these core principles?  Look for the DSA logo on catalogues and sales materials.  Like the Good Housekeeping seal of approval, the DSA logo serves as a clear identifier that the company you're dealing with is a member in good standing and has agreed to abide by the DSA's Codes of Ethics and Business Practices.  You also want to find salespeople who will:

  • say who they are, why they're approaching you, and what they're selling 
  • clearly explain how to return or cancel an order 
  • honour your privacy by calling at times that best suit you, and
  • respect your right to end a sales call.

And, when you make a purchase, look for the assurances you can count on with DSA members:

  •  truthful information on the price, quality, performance, quantity, and availability of products or services 
  • a written receipt in clear language
  • their own name and address, and that of the firm represented 
  • a full description of any warranty or guarantee, limited or full 
  • assurance that all testimonials and endorsements are truthful, current, and authorized by the person or organization quoted 
  • any product claims are based on substantiated facts.

AVOID salespeople or companies who/that:

  • disparage other products or suppliers 
  • confuse you, abuse your trust, or exploit your lack of experience or knowledge 
  • urge you to cancel a contract with another salesperson 
  • falsely claim you've just won a contest or that they're doing a survey.

And certainly, avoid illegal pyramid schemes by reviewing our identifying red flags. Whether simple (similar to chain letters) or more cunningly disguised (like predatory wolves trying to fool investors and evade law enforcers), don't be their next victim. Be clear about what to look for in a legitimate, lucrative business opportunity.

If you have any questions regarding a direct sales company, contact the DSA