DSEF Board Spends The Day With Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) Students

November 17, 2015 Announcement, Education, Press Release

On November 12th – members of the DSEF Board spent the day with TCDSB (Toronto Catholic District School Board) students and faculty at Archbishop Romero High School.  Over 30 students enrolled in the SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major) and Pathways programs attended.

 “A program pathway consists of the combination or “package” of secondary school courses that make up a student’s educational program and the supports that are provided in offering that program. These educational programs usually match the strengths, aptitudes and interests of the student following that particular pathway.  A program pathway is designed to lead a student to a particular destination within a large grouping of jobs that are related to each other in some special way.” “The SHSM program offers students the opportunity to explore a specific area or career of interest and to acquire the skills and experience that will assist them in their post-secondary pathway: Apprenticeship Training, College, University and the Work Place.”

Most of the students present were not familiar with Direct Selling – and had never considered it as a viable career option.  The goal of the workshop was to have the students hear directly from some of our ISCs about how to be a successful entrepreneur and why they chose Network Marketing. Our speakers came from diverse backgrounds and their reasons for joining their respective companies were also different, but they all had one thing in common – they were truly inspiring.  Their presentations were engaging and educational.  We are so grateful they were able to take the time to participate in this worthwhile session.

ISCs presenting were Mel Bartels with Arbonne International Canada, Catherine Griffin with Vector Marketing Canada Corporation, Mylin Sario with Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd., and Shelly Boudah with USANA Health Sciences. We would like to thank the DSEF Board members who were present for their participation: Laurianne Robitaille, Project Manager for Arbonne International Canada; Michael McDonald, National Administrative Manager for Vector Marketing Canada Corporation; Jason Doherty, Manager of Assembly Operations for Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd. and Gina Bresciani, Director of Canadian Operations for USANA Health Sciences and Chair of the DSEF Board.

Thanks also to DSA staff for their support and invaluable assistance –  Joan Lee, Sr. Director of Operations and Sandra Frempong, Executive Assistant.

Based on the feedback received from students and faculty, this was the first but definitely not the last such workshop.  We look forward to expanding on this initiative in the months to come.