Jason Doherty

DSEF Director

Manager, Distribution Operations                                                                                       
Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd.

With a passion for learning new things and being able to easily adapt to any situation, Jason’s 13 years of Direct Selling experience has truly run the gamut. Throughout his career, Jason has held several different positions, exposing him to different stakeholders, departments and realms of operation.

Since joining Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd. in 2002, Jason has worked behind the scenes executing the Company’s Special Events, internally managing its day-to-day warehouse operations and, most recently, stepping into the role of Human Resources Generalist with on-the-job training his only experience.

Jason is a highly organized and efficient manager with strong leadership skills who has the ability to collaborate with and influence people, while sustaining integrity with all levels of staff. His leadership style is one that is task oriented, while preserving a positive work environment and encouraging people to think outside the box. He also understands the importance of teamwork and how it affects overall productivity and cooperation within the fast paced and innovative world of direct selling.

Among his many achievements, Jason was recognized as the Employee of the Year in 2004, and the “Best of the Best” Leader of the Year in 2010 and 2015.