Jud Whiteside

DSA Director

Dickinson Wright LLP

Mr. Whiteside’s extensive experience spans a wide range of corporate and commercial law, and includes special expertise in direct sales law and computer law.  He is a senior partner of the firm.  Jud acts for a diverse group of clients, ranging from major financial institutions and corporations to small, owner-operated services and manufacturing companies.  His expertise and knowledge in matters related to compliance with the Competition Act and Competition Bureau help his clients to resolve issues in an effective manner.

Jud has advised the DSA on numerous matters, including the Association’s negotiations with Industry Canada, Ottawa, with respect to changes to the Competition Acts.  Jud and his firm act for a significant number of DSA Member companies advising them on Provincial licensing regulations, Health Canada regulations, Packaging and Labelling Act, immigration and Canadian tax matters as well as the Competition Act.  Miller Thomson is a DSA Supplier Member.

Jud was the proud recipient of the DSA’s Ivan P. Phelan Award in 2005.