Lydia Ayora


Country Manager
Amway Canada Corporation

Lydia began her career at Amway Canada Corporation as a Sales Coordinator in 1993 and was promoted to Senior Sales Coordinator and Sales Group Leader. Her sales experience focused largely on developing, coordinating and managing the national direct sales activities of thousands of Canadian Independent Business Owners (IBOS).

In 2000, Lydia accepted the position of Amway Canada’s Marketing Manager.  She was responsible for directing and implementing strategies to positively promote the Amway business opportunity and its supporting product brands for 11 years.

In October 2011, Lydia was named Amway Canada Corporation’s Country Manager.  A position that allows her to draw on her experience and knowledge of not only Amway but the direct selling industry and in particular, a great group of people consisting of Amway employees and IBOs.

Lydia holds a variety of business, leadership & management certificates and a Bachelor of Arts from Western University and a Bachelor of Education from Nipissing University.   She speaks English, French and Spanish.