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Amway Canada Diamond Leaders Win DSA Canada’s Mark of Distinction Award

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Date: 07 Dec, 2020

Congratulations to Amway Canada Diamond Leaders, Garry and the late Kimberley Coles, who took home the Mark of Distinction Award.

This award recognizes an independent salesperson (or team) who upholds the values of trust and integrity, which are so vital to the direct selling industry, as well as being a leader who inspires others to achieve their utmost potential.

Reaching the Diamond level within the Amway business takes countless hours of hard work and selfless dedication to the thousands of Independent Business Owners (IBOs) they are responsible for leading. Garry and Kimberley have taken on this responsibility by representing Amway not only in North America, but globally as they shared their vision and philanthropy with integrity and respect.

Even after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Kimberly continued to attend every Amway event, offering support and encouragement to all IBO’s.

Loren Crandell, General Manager for Amway Canada says, “The Coles are truly deserving of this award. They have led with compassion, integrity, and trust throughout their distinguished Amway careers. Their people-first leadership approach is an example worth celebrating!”

“All the recipients of our awards are true champions of Canada’s direct selling industry,” said Peter Maddox, President of the DSA. “In particular, the Coles helped to enrich the lives of many Canadians through their dedication and passion. We are inspired as an industry by their many accomplishments.”


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