Mark of Distinction Award

The Direct Sellers Association (DSA) stands for trust and integrity, and promotes the development of leaders who can evoke inspiration in others. Each member company relies on their Independent Sales Consultants to promote and represent their products and opportunity with the highest level of trust and integrity that the DSA demands. Each member company relies on its leaders to mentor and inspire others to achieve greatness. We would like to recognize those individuals that are steadfast examples of these most important qualities within our industry.

2023 Recipient

Camilla Eves, Executive National Vice President, Arbonne International Canada. Former singer/actress and talk show host, Camilla started her direct selling career with Arbonne International Canada over 15 years ago to fill a small income gap. It didn't take long for her to fall in love with direct selling. Helping others achieve their potential has become her passion in life. Through her exemplary leadership style, she has grown a strong and successful business for herself and her team and her mentorship spans across the globe. She has won numerous awards, is a frequent keynote speaker at Arbonne events and consistently gives back to her community through her unwavering support of the Flourish Arbonne Foundation. She embodies the trust and integrity that defines Arbonne and the direct selling industry. Watch her story. (Image credit: KS Studios)

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Past Recipients

Name Year Company
Karen Edwards 2022 The Avon Company of Canada Ltd.
Kristen McBride 2021 Mary Kay Cosmetics
Seta Der Artinian and Hubert Krause 2021 USANA Health Sciences
Garry and the late Kimberley Coles 2020 Amway Canada
Rena Nong Ren 2019 USANA Health Sciences
Serge and Michelle Vallée 2018 Amway Canada
Darlene Long 2017 Unicity Canada, Ltd.
Deana Lloyd 2016 Arbonne International Canada
Marcia Grobety 2016 Mary Kay Cosmetics, Ltd.
Debby Richardson 2015 PartyLite Gifts, Ltd.
Yali Ma 2014 NuSkin Canada
Elaine Matson 2013 Creative Memories Canada
Angie Stoker 2012 Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd.