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The Importance of Recognition

“The human spirit thrives on positive reinforcement; we all need to be praised for our achievements.” – Doris Christopher, Founder, The Pampered Chef Recognizing the achievements of peers is a simple, yet profoundly meaningful act. Not only does it make people feel good, both those giving and receiving the recognition, but it also an important […]

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Date: 20 Jul, 2020| Posted: Cathy Sampaio-Lepiane
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3 Ways Direct Sellers Can Support Their ISCs Online

COVID-19 has changed the way that we do business. For many direct sellers who rely on in-person contact to sell their products, the pandemic has increased the need for their Independent Sales Consultants (ISCs) to take their businesses online via social media and to think creatively. We asked Lindsay Tompkins, Social Media Trainer and Speaker, […]

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Date: 12 Jun, 2020| Posted: Cathy Sampaio-Lepiane
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5 Key Lessons Learned During the Pandemic from a Direct Seller, Steeped Tea

The pandemic has negatively impacted many sectors of the Canadian economy. Yet, for some, these difficult times have led to increases in product sales and an influx of sales consultants—an unexpected outcome for some direct sellers who normally thrive in party-type settings or rely on in-person demonstrations to sell their products. So, what are they […]

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Date: 20 May, 2020| Posted: Cathy Sampaio-Lepiane
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The Power of Association

Now more that ever, being a part of something bigger is vital to achieve success.

By Peter Maddox, DSA Canada President

It has never been more apparent than during the COVID-19 pandemic that we need to be around others. Not only do individuals and groups feel better when they share, they also tend to have more success and are able to work on problems more effectively when they are a part of a community. In this light, industry togetherness is crucial to moving forward and reshaping the landscape. […]

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Date: 08 May, 2020| Posted: Cathy Sampaio-Lepiane
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What is Direct Selling – Tips to Getting Started

What exactly is direct selling you might ask? Well, direct selling is the sale of consumer products or services, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location. It’s a retail channel used by large, global companies and small, entrepreneurial brands to sell all types of goods and services, including nutritional products, cosmetics, jewelry, housewares, giftware, utilities and much more! […]

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Date: 31 Jan, 2019| Posted: Michelle Maharaj