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ISC Awards

Our annual DSA Canada Independent Sales Consultant (ISC) Awards offers active independent sales consultants from DSA Canada member companies the opportunity to be recognized for their achievements by becoming the recipient of a prestigious industry award.

In 2022, we added two new awards to our roster, bringing our total up to four awards and celebrated our winners’ successes at our Awards Gala in Toronto on Direct Sellers Day!


In 2023, there are four awards available to be won by deserving ISCs:

  1. Mark of Distinction Award
  2. Community Spirit Award
  3. Direct Seller of the Year Award
  4. Rising Star Award

View the Awards criteria below.

2023 Finalists

Community Spirit Award Finalists

Eliza Davies Photo
Eliza Davies of SeneGence

Eliza has been an Independent Distributor with SeneGence for over six years. She found direct selling after an injury prohibited her from continuing her profession in the medical field. She has been nominated for the Community Spirit Award because of her passion to help others, especially women and children in need, by raising over $10,000 for eligible charities through the MakeSense Foundation®.

France Grenier Photo 1
France Grenier of Mary Kay Cosmetics

France has been a National Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics for over 16 years. She is also an avid artist, creating wonderful pieces of abstract art. She has always been an avid supporter of the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation, whose mission is to help women facing cancer and victims of domestic violence. During COVID, she began creating pieces of art which reflected the transformative experience of women experiencing cancer and domestic violence, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Foundation.

Francine de Carufel Photo
Francine de Carufel of Tocara Inc.

A former accountant, Francine joined Tocara in May 2010 with no direct selling experience at all. Francine has championed the cause of breast cancer research since Tocara launched its annual campaign in October of 2016 in support of Breast Cancer Canada, an organization that believes advancements in early detection and personalized treatment are in reach, and that we can make breast cancer an illness, not a life-threatening disease. Each September and October, Francine dedicates over 100 hours each month to her fundraising efforts. Last year alone, she raised more than $3,000, a feat she repeats year after year, with an impact beyond her community.

Jennifer Parmer Photo
Jennifer Parmer of Plexus Worldwide Canada

Jennifer has been a Plexus Emerald Brand Ambassador with Plexus Worldwide Canada for two years. When she heard about Plexus’ HELP for Zambia program, she wanted nothing more than to participate in a program that reaches hundreds of people in Zambia, providing medical supplies and health education for expectant mothers; a Women’s Empowerment School that teaches sewing, and a women’s shelter to provide a place of refuge. Last year, she has raised nearly $20K for the program and has travelled to Zambia twice to be a part of the construction of the women’s shelter.

Lynn Johnson Photo
Lynn Johnson of Pampered Chef Canada

Lynn has been an Independent Advanced Sales Director with Pampered Chef Canada for over 19 years. Direct selling has provided her with the opportunity to develop and work a meaningful career while raising her four growing children. Since beginning her direct selling journey, Lynn has been an avid supporter of Pampered Chef’s Round-Up from the Heart program, which is designed to help provide real meals to those in need locally and across Canada.  Last year, she helped raise over $2K in Round-Up donations.

Rising Star Award Finalists

Carine Goyer Photo
Carine Goyer of Tocara Inc.

Carine is a nurse by trade, a Tocara Consultant since May 2021, and a super-dedicated Mom with two young children. Looking for something fun to do, she started a Tocara business. She quickly decided to give it her all so she could stay home and be the best Mom ever. Through her hard work and dedication, Carine quickly became a Tocara leader. In 2021-2022, she accepted the Tocara Leadership Challenge and became the fifth ranked leader in the company by achieving outstanding results in personal sponsoring, leadership development, and personal sales.

Carly Pinchin Photo
Carly Pinchin of Arbonne International Canada

Carly joined Arbonne four years ago because of her interest in health and nutrition and has grown tremendously since then. The mom of two, she is dedicated to continuous learning and has grown a very strong client business and social media following. She leads by example and is a solid supporter of the direct selling industry.

Johanna Blanco Eidelman Photo 2
Johanna Blanco Eidelman of MONAT Global Canada

As a mother and wife, Johanna, a previous business owner, came to Canada to work at a corporate job and saw MONAT as the earnings necessary for her and her family to settle comfortably into Canada. With Spanish being her first language, she strived to build her Spanish community with MONAT, from hosting events and networking with the Spanish community both in Canada, the United States, Ireland, Spain, and Australia. Johanna is always working towards, not only improving herself and how she works her business, but also how she can continually support her team.

Shari Height Photo
Shari Height of The Avon Company of Canada Ltd.

Shari started her Avon business in May 2021 to help support her family, build her career, and still have the time to care for her aging parents. Since then, she has attained Top Seller status and began her leadership journey. Shari leads by example, sharing her insights and mentoring her team to grow their business. She also continuously gives back to her community through charity events and fundraisers. Since her first two years at Avon, she has fundraised over $1,700 with Avon, giving back 100% of the profits.

Valerie Viau Photo
Valerie Viau of Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd.

Independent Sales Director Valerie Viau started her Mary Kay business in March 2022 and just nine months later, she debuted as a Sales Director. All of this while raising three young children and having a full-time career as a real estate agent. Her gusto, grit, and determination have led to numerous Mary Kay accomplishments and awards, including being recognized as number three in the North American Region for the Global Share the Dream Challenge.

Mark of Distinction Award Finalists

Camilla Eves Photo
Camilla Eves of Arbonne International Canada

Former singer/actress and talk show host, Camilla started her direct selling career with Arbonne International Canada over 15 years ago to fill a small income gap. It didn’t take long for her to fall in love with direct selling. Helping others achieve their potential has become her passion in life. Through her exemplary leadership style, she has grown a strong and successful business for herself and her team and her mentorship spans across the globe. She has won numerous awards, is a frequent keynote speaker at Arbonne events and consistently gives back to her community through her unwavering support of the Flourish Arbonne Foundation. She embodies the trust and integrity that defines Arbonne and the direct selling industry.

Celia Wang Photo
Celia Wang of USANA Health Sciences

Celia joined USANA Health Services in 2014 and her journey has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. Over the last nine years, Celia has grown both her business and her team and has achieved numerous awards and accolades, most recently she has received USANA’s Top 25 Community Leader Award, Top 25 Sales Leader Award, Top 25 Retention Leader Award, and the Denis Waitley Leadership Award. Celia’s leadership style is truly exemplary. She continuously advocates for her Canadian Chinese associates, voicing their concerns, providing suggestions, and providing insights into the needs of the Chinese market. Celia embraces challenges with a focus on solutions that benefit both her business and USANA. She is a beacon of trust, integrity, and inspiration within the direct selling industry.

Jackie Onyszko Photo 2
Jackie Onyszko of MONAT Global Canada

Jackie Onyszko has been an Independent MONAT Market Partner for over five years. She loves helping people build their confidence by loving their hair and skin again. She is a firm believer in customer service and continuously puts the needs of her customers first. Her ability to build long-term relationships with her customers has led her to consistently be in the top six for customer acquisition and sales in Canada and she has earned numerous awards from MONAT for these categories. Jackie has spoken at various MONAT events, sharing her inspiring story, and has provided training to other Market Partners. She is a motivating mentor to her team, teaching them how to run their business with authenticity and integrity.

Nicole Bowles Photo
Nicole Bowles of The Avon Company of Canada Ltd.

Nicole’s secret to success is her willingness to self-reflect, build on empathy and her dedication to consistently better herself. Her true passion is to give back to her community, and her team, lifting others up through inspiration, training and connection. Nicole is a Senior Executive Leader at Avon and is aiming to be the first Advanced Leadership Director. Nicole and her team have been within the top five Leadership teams consistently for the last 10 years. She has achieved numerous Avon milestones, and due to her tremendous success, has been asked to speak at Avon’s National Conferences. She has been a contributor to helping promote and develop the Sales Leadership opportunity and is an advocate for women entrepreneurship within the direct selling industry.

Vonny Fast Photo
Vonny Fast of Cutco Cutlery/Vector Marketing Canada

Vonny joined Cutco Cutlery through Vector Marketing Canada over 30 years ago. What started out as a part-time opportunity while she was attending university has turned into a long-term career that she is passionate about. Through hard work and dedication, Vonny has achieved numerous awards and accolades, including most recently being named the number one Cutco Closing Gift Representative in North America in 2021 and 2022. Her inspiring leadership has led her to speak at various Cutco events and she regularly speaks to real estate and mortgage professionals on how to build a sustainable repeat and referral-based business. Through direct selling, she has learned how to step out of her comfort zone and has become a person who brings value to clients, colleagues, and her community.

Direct Seller of the Year Award Finalists

Claudine Ouellette Photo
Claudine Ouellette of The Avon Company of Canada Ltd.

Claudine Ouellette has been an Avon representative for over six years. She is a born leader and mentor, supporting her team members in achieving goals they set for themselves. She shares tips and tricks and has mastered social media, creating short training videos to help her team succeed. Claudine is among the top three in Canada for new business and her team represents over three generations of Avon representatives. In 2022, she finished first in the four quarterly incentives for leaders and her goal is to become the first Avon Leadership Director in Canada.

Denise Ouellette Photo
Denise Ouellette of Tocara Inc.

While on maternity leave with her second child, Denise joined Tocara and left the banking world to be more present in her family’s life. Since then, Denise has grown her business while helping others do the same. She loves helping her team achieve the successes she has achieved and is always available to help train and encourage them to overcome obstacles. When Tocara launched PopStreams, its groundbreaking click-to-shop social commerce technology, Denise was actively involved. In recognition, Denise was awarded the 2023 Spirit of Tocara Award. Over the past 12 months, she has achieved all of Tocara’s important incentives and always looks for opportunities to advocate for the direct selling industry.

Jonathan St Pierre Photo
Jonathan St-Pierre of Cutco Cutlery/Vector Marketing Canada

Jonathan began his direct selling journey with Cutco Cutlery/Vector Marketing Canada over five years ago. During his time with Cutco, he has grown both professionally and personally. He has been promoted eight times, moving from sales representative to his current division coordinator position, and has learned valuable life skills such as time management and public speaking. In the past 12 months, Jonathan has helped build the London division team and is an active trainer and motivator, helping others learn how to achieve success through their Cutco business.

Sariane Fortin Photo
Sariane Fortin of Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd.

Independent National Sales Director, Sariane Fortin, has an unstoppable force when it comes to her passion for the direct selling industry and helping others achieve their dreams. She started her direct selling business with Mary Kay to make some extra money for horseback riding, and in less than six years, achieved the number one spot in all of North America. She believes in the power of direct selling to change lives, just like it did for her – and she has always made it a priority to “pass it on”. In 2022, Sarine grew her team by record levels and was recognized for her achievements by being crowned Queen of the Court of Sharing four times because of her incredible ability to take others on the journey of success with direct selling.

Wendy Castillo Varela Photo
Wendy Castillo Varela of MONAT Global Canada

As a single mom new to Canada and Spanish as her first language, Wendy prayed for a business opportunity that she could work from her phone so she could be present with her children. She successfully started a construction company but when COVID hit she was forced to be at home with no income. When she was introduced to MONAT products and found great success with them, she decided to share the products with both the Spanish community near her as well as her followers on Instagram. In the last three years, Wendy has grown her team locally and globally, building her business in the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, and Australia. Wendy credits MONAT for helping her get out of her comfort zone, for having the opportunity to work closer with her daughter, maintain her construction business and enjoy being with her children.


  1. All finalists will have their stories featured across our social networks throughout the month of September.
  2. Finalists will be invited to attend the awards ceremony in Toronto on Direct Sellers Day, September 20, 2023.
  3. Finalists who do not win an award will receive a certificate from DSA Canada for their achievements at the awards ceremony (four honourable mentions per award).
  4. DSA Canada will make a $1,000 donation to the Community Spirit Award winner’s cause.
  5. Award winners will be interviewed on the Modern Direct Seller Podcast and will be promoted via a Canada-wide press release.

Awards Criteria

To be considered for an award you must meet the criteria identified below.

Mark of Distinction Award

Mark of Distinction Award

The DSA Canada Mark of Distinction award recognizes an ISC, with over five years of experience, who has made consistent outstanding contributions to the success of their team and company. They uphold the values of trust and integrity, which are so vital our industry, as well as being a leader who inspires others to achieve their utmost potential.

EligibilityAll active* ISCs of DSA member companies who have over five years of experience in the industry.  Individuals must be residents of Canada. 

Applicants will be judged on the ability to illustrate and provide supporting examples of:

  1. Trust
  2. Integrity
  3. Leadership
  4. Inspiration

Additional points of support to be considered:

  1. KOI (Key Operating Indicators) or success factors.
  2. Number of people in the ISC’s circle of influence.
  3. Number of times that company/organization relies on individual for providing education and/or motivation.
  4. Examples of mentorship and role modeling.

Community Spirit Award

Community Spirit Award

The DSA Community Spirit award honours an ISC who’s charitable and/or community service efforts have made a profound difference in the lives of others.

EligibilityAll active* ISCs of DSA member companies.  Individuals must be residents of Canada.

Applicants will be judged on the ability to illustrate and supporting examples of:

  1. Making a profound difference in the community.
  2. Willingness to help others.
  3. Impact of community outreach.

Additional points of support to be considered:

  1. Number of people touched by the community spirit.
  2. Number of hours contributed to the community.
  3. Dollars raised in support of community efforts/initiatives.

Direct Seller of the Year Award

Direct Seller of the Year AwardThe DSA Canada Direct Seller of the Year award honours an ISC who has made an outstanding contribution to the success of their company and team during this past year, particularly through an innovative initiative or program that contributed to sales success and positive awareness.

EligibilityAll active* ISCs of DSA member companies.  Individuals must be residents of Canada.

Applicants will be judged on the ability to illustrate and supporting examples of:

  1. Demonstrating leadership.
  2. Business success, through a recent initiative or program.
  3. Raising positive awareness about the direct selling opportunity.

Additional points of support to be considered:

  1. KOI (Key Operating Indicators) or business success factors.
  2. How they have raised awareness.

Rising Star Award

Rising Star Award

The DSA Canada Rising Star award recognizes an emerging ISC, with less than five years of experience, who exhibits tremendous potential and has recorded demonstrable growth in the direct selling industry, and has positively impacted their team and company.

EligibilityAll active* ISCs of DSA member companies with less than five years of experience in the industry.  Individuals must be residents of Canada.

Applicants will be judged on the ability to illustrate and supporting examples of:

  1. Promising personal and/or professional growth – in sales, team building, social media, personal skills, etc.
  2. Business success.
  3. Impact on team and company.

Additional points of support to be considered:

  1. Example of how they have shown promising growth.
  2. KOI (Key Operating Indicators) or business success factors.
  3. How they have impacted their team and company.

DSA Canada reserves the right to terminate this awards program at any time. The Awards Review Committee (ARC) has the sole responsibility of selecting recipients based on the criteria as set forth in the description. All applicants agree to accept the decision as final. The application becomes the property of the DSA Canada. All questions about the scholarships should be directed to info@dsa.ca.


Contact us at info@dsa.ca.

2022 Award Recipients

Mark of Distinction Karen Edwards 441x409 1

Mark of Distinction

Karen Edwards of The Avon Company of Canada Limited.

Karen has been an ambassador for Canada’s Direct Selling industry since she began her Avon journey twenty years ago; her passion for this business is fueled by helping others succeed in the achievement of their dreams. Simply put, there is no one like Karen. She is unique, bold, and charismatic; not to mention a consistent top performer. (Image credit: KS Studios)

For past winners, visit our Awards page.

Community Spirit Dorothy Nourse 441x409 1

Community Service

Dorothy Nourse of Mary Kay Cosmetics.  

Dorothy’s charitable and community service efforts have made a profound difference in the lives of others. This is the sixth year that Dorothy is hosting her annual Garden Tea Party and Fashion Show, whose proceeds go to support the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation. Dorothy is also a part of the Daughters of the Nile organization benefitting the Shriners Hospital. Together they have raised over $6M for the Hospital and Research Center located in Montreal, QC. (Image credit: KS Studios)

For past winners, visit our Awards page.

Direct Seller of the Year Tracey Zimmer 441x409 1

Direct Seller of the Year

Tracey Zimmer of SeneGence International.  

Tracey is SeneGence’s top ISC in Canada in total income for 2022 to date. Crucially, over the past year, Tracey has played a key role in developing a creative outreach program to support orphan sellers – ISCs that no longer have uplines – across Canada and beyond. Tracey is also a committed supporter of SeneGence’s MakeSense Foundation and regularly posts training and support videos for the benefit of all ISCs. (Image credit: KS Studios)

Rising Star Sam and Jade 2 441x409

Rising Star

Sam Clarke and Jade Horinga of MONAT Global Canada.  

Sam and Jade have risen up together at MONAT, by working together, across lines, and they truly embody what the direct selling industry represents. They both joined MONAT in October 2019 for different reasons, and through working together, sharing ideas and teaching others how to succeed, they too have succeeded. (Image credit: KS Studios)