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Jessie Arsenault

Jessie Arsenault
Date: 25 Sep, 2023

With over 16 years of experience in the Direct Sales and Retail channels combined, Jessie is excited to return to the company and field that she dedicated years to help build as a National Director of Sales from 2015 to 2018. Prior to MONAT, Jessie worked as Regional Sales Manager and Director of Business Development with Arbonne Canada, Epicure Selections and Norwex Canada. She primarily helped the growth across Canada and in the French markets for these companies with an understanding of Canadian culture with its multiculturalism and diversity.

With a deep desire to continue to learn and grow in the Direct Sales channel, she filled roles such as Director of Business Development where she spent time expanding global markets, executing import and export strategies, as well as other exciting international initiatives. She also briefly stepped outside of Direct Sales to work for global giant IKEA as Director of Sales. While she loved her role with IKEA, she felt a strong pull back to the industry she was truly passionate about.

Jessie is a true-life learner and constantly looks to grow as a leader. She understands that great leaders are not perfect people, but people who have integrity, and consistently model key behaviours. Jessie strives to be that great leader by actively listening, giving, and soliciting feedback and will do whatever it takes for her team to thrive. She believes that collaboration and trust are key to success and is committed to creating a respectful and inclusive environment.