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Jorge Huaman Pinillos

Jorge Huaman 1
Date: 26 Oct, 2023

With an MBA from Manchester Business School and over 15 years of industry experience, Jorge’s journey in the Direct Selling sector has been a remarkable one. It all began in his home country of Peru, where he started his career supporting the European region in a corporate role at his very first Direct Selling company.

Jorge’s passion for this industry truly ignited when he was relocated to Guatemala and took on the role of Country Director. It was here that he realized Direct Selling is all about people and leadership and saw his results flourish. As time passed, his responsibilities expanded to include oversight of multiple countries in the Central American and Caribbean region.

Five years ago, he received an invitation to join Immunotec under the leadership of Mauricio Domenzain. Being directly involved in all facets of the company has been an incredible experience. Recently, he was honored to be appointed as General Manager in Canada, where he sees immense potential for growth.

Additionally, Jorge has dedicated over five years of his career to actively contributing to the Direct Sales Association in Guatemala and made efforts to establish the DSA in the Dominican Republic in recent years.

Jorge’s journey in the Direct Selling industry has been filled with plenty of great results, many good long-lasting friends from the field and more over transformative stories.