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Tracie Graham

The Direct Sellers Association of Canada is an incredible network of supportive people with a common goal to grow, learn and inspire one another. […]

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Date: 14 Jan, 2019| Posted: Michelle Maharaj

Kaitlin Lake

“I have really enjoyed and hope to continue growing my direct selling business as there are so many great women involved and it truly is an honour to say that I am a part of their team”. […]

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Date: 19 Jun, 2018| Posted: kmadmin

Kaley Brown

“This experience has given me a new found confidence.  I absolutely love the products that the company has to offer and I feel they are really trying to make a positive difference in the everyday lives of people. The company has also helped me along the way with wonderful training opportunities to better my skills […]

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Date: 06 Jun, 2018| Posted: kmadmin

2018 Conference Attendee

If you are interested in learning about the successes of the direct selling landscape in Canada, the annual DSA Conference is the event to attend. Industry experts are welcoming and enthusiastic in their willingness to share and grow the industry in Canada. This is a welcoming group of professionals who really care about helping each […]

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Date: 21 Feb, 2018| Posted: Michelle Maharaj

Derek MacDougall

My mother has been selling Avon for as long as I can remember. Her involvement in direct selling has taught me organizational and communication skills. It always amazes me how easily my mother is able to build relationships with people and it has been something that I have aimed to be good at as well. […]

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Date: 21 Jan, 2018| Posted: Michelle Maharaj