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New Data Reveals Direct Selling is Growing Significantly in Canada

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Date: 08 Jul, 2021

Industry grows by 26% in 2020, achieving 4.15B in retails sales. 

Retail Sales for 2020 via Direct SellingThe Direct Sellers Association of Canada (DSA) has released its 2020 sales and industry growth data for the direct selling sales channel in Canada. The data, independently audited by Nathan Associates, a third-party international economic consulting firm, revealed that the direct selling industry continues to achieve significant growth.  In 2020, retail sales grew 26% over the previous year, to $4.15 billion, and the number of Canadians signed up as independent sales consultants rose to 1.39 million, up 20% over 2019.

“Direct selling is an important retail channel, which delivers a wide range of products and services to Canadians”, said Peter Maddox, President of the DSA. “Over this past year, direct selling has become a necessary channel for consumers to access goods and services during the pandemic and has played an integral role in helping Canadians find alternate ways to earn extra income.”

“The direct selling opportunity has always been the first step to entrepreneurship. With more people re-thinking their careers or looking for supplemental income, this flexible and inclusive channel has provided a fundamental way for Canadians to grow their entrepreneurial skillset”, said Maddox.

In comparison to other global markets, such as the US, which grew by 13% in 2020 and Australia, which grew by 11%, Canada’s 26% direct selling growth is noteworthy, especially as we move into a post-pandemic economy.

If you would like more information on DSA’s 2020 sales and growth data, please contact us at info@dsa.ca. You may also wish to visit The World of Direct Selling for an exclusive article on Canada’s growth, featuring our President.