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New Research Indicates 3 in 5 Canadians are Looking for a Side Hustle

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Date: 25 Aug, 2021

Financial instability and work flexibility amongst some of the reasons why respondents are looking for income opportunities outside of their traditional employment

New consumer research, completed by Abacus Data, paints an intriguing picture of Canadian’s interest in pursuing additional income opportunities, outside of traditional employment.

The survey found that 31% of Canadians pursued opportunities to make additional income over the COVID-19 pandemic. This significant portion of the population sought out these opportunities for reasons including being laid off and underemployed, or because they were re-evaluating their financial and personal aspirations.

Furthermore, as the economy recovers, 3 in 5 survey respondents intend to pursue opportunities to make additional money to support their income over the next 12 months. Major demographic groups in this figure include young Canadians of 18-29 years old at 75% and students at 83%.

Further outcomes from the research include: data showing that a significant percentage of Canadians find it important for businesses to have a commitment to consumer protection and ethics; as well as measurable year-on-year growth in positive impressions of the direct selling channel.

Download a copy of the Executive Summary for more information.  A copy of the full research paper is available to DSA Canada members. Download the 2021 Interest and Impressions of the Direct Selling Industry Research Paper.