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Policy Opportunities Apparent After Ottawa Visit

MP Randy Hoback w Peter Maddox sm
Date: 11 Dec, 2018

DSA President Peter Maddox recently spent time meeting with government officials in Ottawa, as planning for the 2019 Federal Election begins to gather steam. Meetings were held with representatives of the three main parties, Liberal, Conservative and NDP, and these discussions are helping the DSA to build its own election platform. MPs visited included Randy Hoback of Saskatchewan and Karen Vecchio of Ontario, who is a former PartyLite consultant.

In particular, topics included discussions of:
  • Trade and the negative impact of current tariffs on the industry
  • The important role of women in the direct selling industry and the potential for direct selling to play a vital role in the evolving economy
  • The shared desire of government and the DSA to remove regulatory impediments to business operations and product approvals
  • The key role that direct selling plays training consultants in the soft skills that are vital across employment opportunities
2019 promises to be an important and exciting time, as the DSA continues to assert itself on the political landscape.
MP Karen Vecchio w Peter Maddox Dec 2018
MP Karen Vecchio with DSA President Peter Maddox


MP Randy Hoback w Peter Maddox Dec 2018
MP Randy Hoback with DSA President Peter Maddox