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Sixty-Five Years is Worth Shouting About

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Date: 24 Sep, 2019

Six and a half decades of surviving and thriving as an association is a momentous achievement.

In 1954, a group of direct selling companies came together to form the Direct Sellers Association of Canada. It is unlikely that anyone at that first meeting realized the success and longevity that this new venture would have.

A lot has changed in the following years. Many of those founding member companies are no longer around and those that are have often undergone an extensive evolution. Door-to-door sales is largely a channel consigned to history and the new world of direct selling is driven by social media, technological tools, and a whole different array of products and services.

What has not changed is that this is an industry built on relationships, whether with customers, consultants or other companies. And therein lies the ongoing success of DSA Canada – we bring people together, to share best practice, talk about the everyday challenges of an evolving industry and to advocate for everyone who benefits from this amazing sales channel.

Who knows what our next big challenge will be? It could be competing retail options, zealous government regulators or media cynicism. What continues to be true is that we are much stronger in overcoming these issues when we act collectively.

Be assured that DSA Canada will continue to work to help you, our members, to enjoy another sixty-five plus years of industry growth and success.

Peter Maddox, DSA Canada President